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A Word about Marketing and Selling: Marketing is about what you want the world to know about your business. Selling is a process, not a talent. We sell things and market to people. Our Marketing Ducks services help to brand your company and increase your sales.

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Business Positioning:
How do you measure up against your competition?

Whether your company has been in business for five minutes of fifty years, you must discover and convey what sets your business apart from your competitors. Positioning is about distinctly defining the product/service in its market against its competition over time. We help you to identify the business you are in, define your target market(s), and develop a core-marketing message (unique selling proposition) that speaks directly to your prospects.  

Marketing Collateral:
Is your message lost in a sea of voices?

Your marketing collateral should not only create an image, it should create an edge. We write web and brochure content and create tag lines and elevator pitches that drive prospects to your business.

Marketing Campaigns:
Would you like to increase your business visibility?

Marketing is not only about being known (branding); it is about not being forgotten! Through the use of multiple types of media, we create marketing campaigns designed to increase sales and brand awareness. 

duck print  Are you having difficulty attracting customers?
Turn to the messaging specialists at Ducks in a Row Consulting. Call 978.463.2264 or contact us online today.


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